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General No Limit Holdem Advice

Play No Limit Texas Holdem at a loose table for more profits, raise with any high pocket pair and avoid slow playing most hands.

Poker Tips for Small Pocket Pairs

Small pocket pairs 2-8 can be played under certain situations. Look for a set on board, bluff a short-stacked player or go heads up with the button.

No Limit Play after the Flop

After the flop, it is time to fold missed pocket pairs, chase drawing hands with correct pot odds, slow play a monster and bluff off a rainbow board.


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Play No Limit Holdem Texas Holdem

In a very real way, No Limit Texas Holdem is better than limit and pot limit versions. If you don't believe this, just go to any poker room online and compare the games among themselves. If you have been playing at the limit tables for a while, you will be surprised by the dramatic change in atmosphere when you switch to No Limit. Here anyone can go all-in without warning. This makes the game more exciting, riveting and rewarding.

Yes, No Limit Texas Holdem is actually more profitable than the limit versions. Because raises are limited only by your stock of chips, you can squeeze the most profits from your monster hands, unlike in limit games where there is a betting cap. Moreover bluffing is more useful in No Limit Holdem. In limit tables, it's hard to threaten the big blind with only four times their bet. But in No Limit, you can raise to an amount equal to their chip stack and steal the pot right there.

The option to bet bigger has its advantages and disadvantages. You can lose more if you make bad decisions (officially called "mistakes") such as calling a $1,000 bet while chasing a gutshot on the river. But you can also get paid off big on an A-8 that makes a two pair on the flop. You can have a stack 2-6 times more than the other players in one hand, and in the next it is decimated when one of them goes all-in and win. Or you can buy in with a paltry $160 and walk away with $3,300 thanks to a decent two pair.

In No Limit, you have to be more aggressive than in Limit. It will pay off more often than not. However aggressive does not mean being loose. In No Limit, you will want to raise often so make sure you have a hand that is worth raising. Generally (not always), even when you are on the button, you must play no worse than a Jack and Ten. But it is a fact that you can win more with less in No Limit.

On the whole, the freedom to bet as much as you can afford makes No Limit Texas Holdem truly a very exciting and fulfilling poker game. Best of all, it pays. Big.

Learn to play No Limit Texas Holdem with these lessons and strategies:

Lesson 1 - Basic Rules of No Limit Texas Holdem Lesson 2 - Starting Hands No Limit Texas Holdem Lesson 3 - Short-Handed and Full No Limit Tables Lesson 4 - General No Limit Holdem Advice Lesson 5 - Tips for Playing Small Pocket Pairs Lesson 6 - No Limit Texas Holdem after the Flop Lesson 7 - Poker Hand Evaluation On the Turn and River Lesson 8 - Betting Tells: Call, Fold, Raise or Check Lesson 9 - Various No Limit Poker Concepts and Strategies Lesson 10 - No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy Lesson 11 - Stack Size, Betting and Bluffing Lesson 12 - Types of Hands and Pay Off Lesson 13 - More No Limit Texas Holdem Tips

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Short-handed tables are poker games with six or less active players. Play aggressively with more hands, bluff more and raise/re-raise a lot.